Strategic planning

Ready to discuss the strategy?

Oftentimes, the strategy is the Achilles heel of an organization. Writing a strategy is time consuming and it also needs a look far ahead into the future, which always seems difficult and daunting. But without a strategy we travel without a destination. It is easy to lose the way.

A strategy may be more or less complete from the start and keeping it simple is always a good starting point. Different elements of a strategy can be developed through a facilitated process, that will include. At wefaciliatte, we offer a stagic planning process that is based on the ICA Participatory Strategic Planning method, enriched with other tools. The process can include:



I. Preparation and design :

  • stakeholder mapping
  • definition of mission and values
  • a look at strengths / resources / competencies possessed
  • a look at weaknesses / resources / competencies needed
  • Environmental Scan, PESTLE, opportunities and threats
  • market position

II. Practical Vision

  • building of a vision as a desired future state of an organisation

III. Underlying contradictions

  • finding obstacles on the path to the envisioned future state

IV. Strategic directions

  • choice of actions to remove the obstacles
  • formulation of strategic objectives

V. Implemenataion

  • project / product portfolio
  • action planning

A process like this may be planned over a series of workshops. One workshop of four hours would be sufficient to develop one or two elements of a strategy. The strategy management level facilitated workshop can be run to review the strategic progress, appraise achievements and  obstacles, and decide the way forward.