Project workshops

Sound project planning workshops are crucial to the success of projects and programmes. Similarly, regular reviews of the project status, emerging changes, risks, and finally the project summary session – Lessons Learnt – will benefit from good facilitation.

We understand a programme as a group of related projects, which together bring specific benefits. Programme management requires close coordination to ensure the success of each project and the whole programme.

When planning and executing projects (and programmes), individual teams can, in a workshop format:

    • formulate the assumptions of the project (or programme)
    • indicate the main problems to be solved or opportunities to exploited, together with the results and benefits that will make for the project Business Case
    • plan the project, including a project Work Breakdown Structure or programme tranches, estimate durations and costs
    • identify risks and plan responses
    • review workshops, retrospectives and lessons learnt sessions allow teams to share project experiences, identify points for improvement and plan corrective actions

What shall we do?

We will plan and carry out:

  • workshops for mapping the objectives, results and benefits of projects and programmes
  • stakeholder mapping workshops
  • project requirements gathering
  • planning workshops: program tranches, product and work breakdown structures, scheduling, budgeting
  • risk analysis workshops
  • review and Lessons Learnt workshops

What are the benefits?

  • The use of knowledge and experience of project teams and stakeholders in project planning 
  • Clearly defined requirements
  • Project planning based on standardised techniques and tools
  • In-depth communication and completeness of project information at every stage of the project
  • Project facilitator’s neutrality, enabling Project Manger’s contributions

The scope of the project planning workshops to be determined

In a room or online

Project Assumptions and Business Case

Stakeholder mapping

Project planning

Risk identification

Regular project or programme reviews

Lessons Learnt

Workshops in English or in French

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