Training catalogue

This training programme offers the essential knowledge of group facilitation, in particular the role of the facilitator, the meaning and the components of a facilitated process, fundamental facilitation methods and the workshop preparation techniques.     

This training offers the basic but complete knowledge and experience of the Scrum framework, while adhering to the strict requirements of the Scrum Alliance for the quality of delivery.                                                      

This training programme offers the knowledge and practice of facilitation techniques that can particularly useful to Agile teams and their leaders involved in Agile transformations as well in the agile project management and product development. 

This training programme intends to give the participants the fundamental knowledge and a practical tool box useful for successful project management as well as an  informed choice of direction for further professional development.    

This training programme offers a set of foundational facilitation methods, Focused Conversation and Consensus Workshop, developed by the ICA, a global organisation involved in helping organisational and community development across the Globe.

This training programme offers a set of easy-to-learn and easy-to-use tools and techniques of team facilitation that can be applied to a great diversity of problems and tasks without requiring extensive preparation and learning curve. 

We are continuously working on new training or workshops ideas.

The workshop intends to offer the participants an insight into possible integration of sustainability tools and techniques into projects, developing  in a practical manner the basic tool box for sustainability in projects.                 

We will be glad to hear about your specific learning and developments needs. We will quite likely be able to present some ideas to satisfy those.  

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