Organisational development

Organisational development requires a constant definition of development needs and a search for points that require optimisation in all business processes. The teams on the shop-floor – regardless of the kind of the shop – are well positioned to identify those development needs. Workshops focused on the organisation development allow the participating teams to point to the development needs and design specific action plans.

We act as process consultants in the development process. We do not advise specific solutions, but we advise a process design that will allow the teams involved to arrive at their own solutions. If other needs are discovered, for example in the area of knowledge or relationships, we will include other activities: training, methodical consulting, coaching.

What will we do?

  • We will plan and conduct workshops mapping problems and challenges faced by the entire organisation, a unit or business area, or a team
  • Participating teams will prioritise these challenges
  • … and then identify possible responses 
  • In the next step, an action plan with specific optimisation projects will be created

What are the benefits?

  • Development needs identified by teams directly involved in business processes
  • Solutions that use the knowledge and experience of teams
  • Action plan with projects and programs that generate high team commitment

The scope of the development process to be determined 

On-site or on-line

Process consulting

Problem / challenge mapping  


Action planning 

In English or in French 

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