Green Project Management

Green Project Management is an approach to project management that integrates the key elements of sustainability. GPM consists of:

  • P5® standard
  • GPM360® Project Sustainability Assessment
  • PRISM® project management methodology

The P5 standard integrates the aspects of the social (People), natural (Planet), economic (Prosperity) environment and project effectiveness aspects: products and processes.

These 5 aspects provide a clear framework for the analysis of the project environment that allows the sustainability requirements to be featured in the project concept and plan. 

The PRISM (Projects integrating Sustainable Methods) methodology integrates aspects of sustainability with processes and project management techniques. PRISM brings three perspectives to management that do not exist in classic project management: 

  • the entire life cycle of assets, i.e. taking into account the benefits and costs of assets from the first conceptual work to decommissioning and disposal, and replacement with new ones, possibly using some elements of the decommissioned assets
  • a systemic approach, i.e. the treatment of project management as a source of sustainability for the entire organisation; sustainable project management has limited sense if the entire organization is far from being sustainable

What will we do? 

Through workshops, we will support the analysis of the project’s impact on the environment in accordance with the P5 Standard, and then we will support the formulation of the Sustainability Management Plan.

What are the benefits? 

  • Enhancement of sustainability of the organisation’s project activities
  • Brand protection and strengthening
  • Reduction of environmental and social risks related to project activities

Sustainability of the project activities and the entire organisation becomes crucial in the era of climate change and the need to protect the natural environment. The GPM approach extends the design perspective to the entire management system, increases the value of the products delivered by projects and improves asset management throughout their life cycle.

Project sustainability consulting

Assessment of project and programme impact on natural and social environment, with economic effectiveness in sight

Integration of sustainability in the project, programme, portfolio management systems

Assessment of sustainability of all project acitivities

Workshops in English or in French

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