Organisation Environmental Impact

The carbon footprint is just one kind of impact that any organisation has upon it environment. For a more complete image of the organisation’s environmental impact, a more complete insight is needed. This can be obtained using the same P5 Impact analysis tool, offered by Green Project Management. Originally designed for defining a project’s environmental impact, this tool is equally applicable and useful for the insight.

Applied to the organisational as an entity, rather than a project, the P5 Analysis brings the attention to many aspects of the environmental impact, categorised in to several groups:

  • Product, focusing on the sustainability aspects of the products and services offered by an enterprise, or any other organisation
  • Processes, focusing on the sustainability aspects of the technological, business and support processes
  • People, focusing on many human aspects of the business operations and the organisation’s social impacts
  • Planet, focusing on the natural environment impacts of the organisation
  • Profit, focusing on the profitability of the business activity, in relation to the other focuses, the social environment and the natural environment in particular

A profound environmental impact analysis, for which the P5 matrix offers a useful tool gives a foundation for a sustainability strategy of an organisation, which, in the next step will be translated into a portfolio of projects and programmes aiming at the maximisation of the positive impacts and the reduction of the negative impacts.  

What will we do?  

  • Through a facilitated workshop we will carry out a P5 Impact Analysis for the organisation
  • We will deliver a dedicated report outlining the specific impacts, as a foundation for a sustainability strategy and a sustainability portfolio

What are the benefits?

  • Full knowledge and awareness of the organisation’s impacts on its environment
  • A starting point for a sustainability strategy
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