Project management method implementation

Facilitated workshops can be very valuable when implementing a project, programme and portfolio management methodology (P3). We recommend a series of workshops that transfer the knowledge gained during training (eg PRINCE2 or Agile Project Management) to the context of a given organisation and projects undertaken by it. Such workshops can be held shortly after the training (a week or two), when the knowledge is still fresh.

During such workshops, the participants can:

  • indicate what remained in their memory as most valuable, easiest and most difficult aspect in project methodology, and which tools and techniques to start using first and which next
  • identify the requirements and conditions for tailoring the methodology to the context of the organisation and the character of projects
  • select projects in which the methodology can be tested
  • plan the process of implementing and adjusting the methodology at the organisational level
  • design key management products (documents) or adopt the management products proposed by the methodology

What will we do?

In cooperation with the client, we will plan and facilitate a series of workshops during which the participants will:

  • define the methodology implementing approach
  • identify the strengths and weaknesses of the organisation’s project management system and ways to remove the weaknesses
  • indicate the areas of technical and methodological knowledge that need to be extended and deepened
  • select and adjust the project management methodologies to the context of the organisation and the nature of projects
  • plan implementation activities in cooperation with the project manager, team and stakeholders
  • carry out periodic reviews of the implementation, to point the possible corrections and gather the learnings of the processes 

What are the benefits?

  • An organisation-wide approach to project, program and portfolio management
  • Enhanced communication and strengthened stakeholder engagement
  • A project management system that has been adapted to the organisational context by the members of the organisation, resulting in natural ownership of that system

The facilitated construction of the project management system will be supported methodologically by a project management trainer or consultant.

Implementation scope to be determined

Training summary workshops

Project management system evaluation 

Method adaptation conditions and requirements  

Implementation planning  

Pilot projects planning

Management products (documents) design and adaptation  

Workshops in English or in French

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