Strategic planning

A sound strategy requires the engagement of all relevant stakeholders. The involvement of the organisation’s leadership in the development of strategy is crucial, but it can also be valuable to obtain input from other levels of the organisation.

The strategy may be developed at the highest level of management and then the other levels may be involved in the work on the implementation plans. Alternatively, an open strategic process may be launched, engaging a wide range of stakeholders and various levels of the organisation at every stage of building and implementing the strategy.

A common problem, apart from the situation in which the strategy is entirely and exclusively in leader’s head, is that different levels of the organisation and business areas do not have the awareness of the strategy and specific knowledge about the adopted strategic directions. Then the implementation of the strategy can only be difficult.

What will we do? 

In close cooperation with the client, we will plan strategic workshops during which we will develop (or update), for example:

  • Assessment of the organisation’s environment 
  • Strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and threats
  • Business Drivers
  • Mission, vision and values of the organisation
  • Obstacles on the way to the vision
  • Ways of avoiding or removing these obstacles
  • Portfolio of strategic projects
  • An action plan

We will create and provide a full record of the workshop results – a team-based strategy. We will plan and carry out further supporting activities, such as a periodic review sessions of the strategy implementation

The workshop component is ideally one of the many components of the strategic process. Other components, such as market analysis, can be implemented in other formats (research and analysis) by other entities (market researchers, consultants).

What are the benefits?

  • The strategy embedded in the organisation, developed with the involvement of an appropriate group of stakeholders
  • Use of the knowledge and energy of participants in the strategic process
  • Full awareness of strategic intentions and plans at different levels of the organisation
  • Clear translation of the strategy into operational activities undertaken in various business areas and at various levels of the organisation

Number of days as needed

On-site or on-line

Comprehensive preparation of strategic workshops

Periodic review of the strategy implementation 

In English or in French

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