Fundamentals of Project Management

What is it about…
This objective of this training is to give the participants a set of fundamentals of project management, particularly in terms of different approaches methods and frameworks, that are in use today. Over the last several decades there has been a proliferation of methods, approaches and frameworks, and it is far from easy to chose the project working methods, away from hype and publicity, often generated by certification industry.

Certifications are valuable and useful, as confirmation of  knowledge acquired and as a way of standardarisation of project management within an organisation. But more important than that is the right choice of a method or an approach, that serves best the kind of project undertaken by an organisation. Or the right combination of methods, a method mix, that will cover the greatest possible range of an organisation’s project management needs.

The training will offer the participants an insight into such a mix and so allow the informed decisions concerning project management methodologies, together with further personal and professional development.

… and for whom?

  • Aspiring and practicing project managers
  • Project management officers

What are the benefits?

  • Knowledge of the existing project management methods and approaches, opening paths for further learning and informed certification
  • Learning of the key tools and techniques belonging to different methods
  • Noticing the possibilities of combining different fireworks, tools and techniques
  • Awareness of the diversity of methods and frameworks, permitting a well informed choice of further development, including professional certification. 

Three training days 

On-site or on-line

Participant support after the training  

In English or in French

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