Simulation games

We design and run simulation games that fit into the development processes resulting from customer needs. These can be processes of organisational change, implementation of project management methodologies, agile transformations.

What is a business simulation?

Simulations enable learning through experience. Participants move to a simulated reality in which they play according to a specific scenario, using the processes and tools belonging to a specific methodology of project management, change management or stakeholder engagement.

Scenarios can be more or less close to reality. Possible fictional scenarios:

  • Historical constructions: Akropolis, Colosseum, Eiffel Tower
  • Space: Apollo 13, searching for habitable planets or new resources
  • Detective scenarios: who killed Mrs. Change?
  • Time travel: our organisation in 5 years and how we can get there?

More realistic scenarios are closer to simulators and allow teams to practice behaviour in various organisational situations, such as a crisis or major organisational change. Such simulations are becoming more and more important in view of the growing unpredictability of the world, which we can describe in terms of VUCA (Volatility, UncertaintyComplexity,  Ambiguity).

Many types of business simulations are available. Simulations can be divided into boxed and dedicated. The former have been developed by game designers with specific development goals, game dynamics and story and select graphic design. They are available as ready-made game kits. Dedicated simulations are created from scratch, after defining the client’s specific needs, and are tested before they are launched for participants.

What will we do?

  • In cooperation with the client, we will define the needs and propose a boxed or a dedicated simulation
  • We will determine the placement of the simulation in the development process, if appropriate
  • We will define logistical requirements and prepare the simulation event
  • We will conduct a single simulation or series for different groups of participants
  • We will draw up conclusions of the simulation event

What are the benefits? 

  • Learning through experience
  • Testing roles, behaviours, processes and techniques in a safe environment with no real risk
  • Team integration
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