Environment, Society and Governance (ESG)

ESG is a set of reporting requirements that present a large group of enterprises, particularly those listed on a stock exchange, with an obligation to reveal data concerning their impacts on the natural environment, social stakeholders and good governance. 

Considering that, in simplification, any business activity is composed of operations projects and support activities, the Green Project Management, together with the P5 Standard offers  a readily applicable framework for the generation and collection of relevant data which can be integrated with the reporting on other business data received from the  other domains. By the same token The P5 standard can also offer a map of the operational activities and their environmental and social impact.

Any project is managed by a temporary organisation involving a group of stakeholders who assume different roles and responsibilities within the project

What shall we do?

  • Facilitate the design of the ESG reporting architecture that integrates projects, operations and support activities
  • Facilitate the design of project reporting mechanisms and tools that integrate well with the ESG reporting

What are the benefits?

  • Assurance of the compliance with the requirements of the Environment, Society and Governance requirements
  • Established mechanisms integrating project reporting with broader ESG reporting
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