Project portfolio management

Project portfolio management is critical to the success of an organization. While project management answers the question of whether we run our projects well, portfolio management answers the question of whether we are implementing good projects, where the word good means those that generate the greatest value for the organization and bring it as close as possible to strategic goals.

Portfolio management includes:

  • establishing an organisational framework and processes for managing a portfolio of projects and programs
  • formulating criteria for portfolio selection and prioritization
  • mapping active and planned projects
  • selection, categorization and prioritization of projects and programs
  • resource planning at portfolio level

What will we do?

In cooperation with the Project Portfolio Group or the Board, we will conduct workshops planning the project portfolio, including:

  • portfolio mapping with segmentation
  • criteria for selecting and prioritizing projects and programs in the portfolio
  • approach to portfolio planning
  • key portfolio decisions

How will it benefit?

  • Portfolio management framework and processes tailored to the context of the organization
  • Portfolio awareness on the part of the stakeholders
  • Portfolio composed and prioritised based on clear criteria
  • Scheduled execution of the portfolio taking into account priorities and available resources

Portfolio process to be determined

Portfolio organisational framework 

Project selection and prioritisation croteria   

Active and planned project mapping 

Portfolio selection and categorisation 

Portfolio level resource planning  

Workshops in English or in French 

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