Sustainability projects and programmes

The measurement of the carbon footprint, with a dedicated report, is a good starting point for the formulation of the sustainability strategy and resulting from that, a portfolio of projects and programmes. All activities aiming at a reduction of an organisation’s CO2 emissions can be taken into a framework of projects and programmes, which in turn will require an adequate project management methodology such as PRISM.

A sustainability project portfolio is usually a subset of the entire enterprise project portfolio. The projects may be categorised into well selected categories, such as for instance:

  • Infrastructural projects
  • Technological projects
  • Energy sourcing and storage projects
  • Recycling projects
  • Voluntary compensation projects
  • Educational projects

The GPM P5 Standard (see picture on the right and download) offers again a good mapping tool for the portfolio composition, depending on the needs and possibilities of an organisation. While P5 Standard is a tool originally designed for assessing the the impacts of projects upon their complex environments, it can be used in much the same manner to assess the impacts of any organisation’s activities, including operations and support activities. A P5 Assessment allows for the identification of the aspects of an organisation’s environment, where impacts are the most significant, which in turn allows for the selection of actions – projects – to manage those impacts.

What shall we do?

  • We will perform the P5 impact analysis, to identify the the business domains and activities with the most significant impact upon the organisation’s environment 
  • We will help the identification of projects and programmes aiming at the reduction of the organisation’s carbon footprint and the strengthening of sustainability in other domains, as identified by the P5 impact analysis
  • We will position the projects and programmes within the global portfolio of the organisation
  • We will help the portfolio planning, according to the portfolio methodology

What are the benefits?

  • A portfolio of projects and programmes oriented to the reduction of an organisation’s carbon footprint and strengthening the sustainability of projects and operations
  • Translation of an organisation’s sustainability strategy into projects and programmes
  • Strengthened compliance with the legal requirements, in particular with the ESG framework
  • Reduced burden of the CO2 emission costs, through the EU European Trading System   
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