Facilitated workshops

Facilitated workshops, as opposed to trainings, mobilise and combine the knowledge hidden in the group. The role of the facilitator is to design the process in such a way that the team’s work is as engaging and effective as possible and leads to the synergy of the group’s own resources.  

A single meeting or a series of several workshops is possible, which may include mapping and prioritising challenges, diagnosing the situation, looking for solutions, planning activities.

The workshop is thoroughly prepared each time and has specific goals and structure. It consists of various activities, for example, from generating various ideas to narrowing down and formulating specific solutions. The scope and structure of the workshop is strictly developed to best meet the needs of the organisation and of the participants.

What will we do?

We will design and facilitate workshops that meet specific customer needs. A single workshop may last several hours, a whole day or several days. The workshop is preceded by complete preparation and followed by post-event support.

  • In close cooperation with the client, we will define the cause, workshop goals, stakeholder group and participants, time and place
  • We will then design a process – a single workshop or a series of workshops – which will allow the team to achieve the goal in the best way, we will discuss this process with the client to adjust it to the preferences and needs of the group
  • After carrying out the process, we will create and deliver a record of the results, we will also plan and carry out further supporting activities

What are the benefits?

  • The first benefit is the maximum use of knowledge and other resources that are hidden in teams. It is not uncommon that employees and teams use only a small fraction of the knowledge, energy and creativity they possess.
  • Another benefit is a greater and genuine involvement of all team members in the work, thanks to the possibility of proposing all ideas and solutions, expressing observations, opinions and offering other resources. The effect of facilitated work belongs to the employees who were involved in it, it is not acquired or imposed from outside.

Number of days as needed

On-site or on-line

Comprehensive preparation

Post-event support

In English or in French

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