Green Project Manager(b) - certification training

What is it about…

This training speaks to one on the key trends of our times, the necessity of strengthening the sustainability of all business activities, including projects. Green Project Management® is one of the globally recognised frameworks for integrating sustainability in project management.

The training offers a deep insight into the PRiSM™ method and the P5 standard, developed by Green Project Management Global. So, it offers the participants a set of methods and techniques to strengthen the project sustainability, especially in its  social, natural and economic dimensions.  

The objective of the training is to develop a set of skills and competencies aiming at the integration of  sustainable methods in project management, focusing in particular on the project impact analysis, integration into the standard project processes, sustainability planning and control.

The training is a starting point for the implementation of sustainable project management, supported by dedicated project consultancy and assessment by GPM Global. The training works well with project sustainability workshop, also offered by WEFACILITATE, either as a lead-in activity or as a follow-up, and may also be supplemented with Sustainable PRINCE2 training.

There are two different certification paths:

  • With Prior Learning, confirmed by a recognised certificate
  • Without Prior Learning, necessitating a full training programme of three days and full certification exam (details below)

We do recommend the full training in any case as the Delivery section offers valuable project management techniques supporting sustainability, often lacking in organisations.  

…and for whom?

  • Project Managers
  • Project Management Officers
  • Project Management Offices
  • Project Planners
  • Project Executives and Sponsors

What are the benefits?

  • A deep understanding of the sustainability perspective in project processes
  • Development of sustainability tools and techniques for projects
  • Acquisition of an essential toolkit for sustainable project management
  • A starting point for introduction of sustainable project management in an organisation
  • Identification and evaluation of sustainability needs and possibilities in an organisation
  • Foundations for sustainability strategy development and ESG reporting

Two or three training days 

On-site or on-line

Participant support after the training  

In English

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