CO2 Market

wefacilitate has partnered with AitherCO2, a leading trading company on the European CO2 emissions market, with offices in London and Milan. wefaciliate offers information, consulting and transaction support services on the European CO2 market.

The European CO2 market, called the EU ETS (EU Emissions Trading Scheme) is a pollution control system consisting of several components:

  • emission limits
  • emission rights trading
  • Off-set projects

The limits component imposes ceilings on the total emissions of certain greenhouse gases, which are periodically reduced, leading to a gradual decrease in emissions.

In the trading component the entities covered by the system obtain or purchase emission rights, if and when they need them, from other entities that have a surplus at a give moment. The stationary installations can also sell their surplus of emissions right on the market.

In the offset component, the entities may also purchase emission rights through the offset of their emissions, implementing various projects leading to the sustainable economy and protected natural environment. The total number of emission allowances in this component is also limited in order to assure their market value.

Every year, by the end of April, every enterprise covered by the EU ETS system is obliged to submit its allowances in the amount corresponding to the greenhouse gas emissions it generates. Failure to do so may result in the imposition of significant financial penalties. High cost of emission encourages the investments into low emission technologies.

wefacilitate, in close cooperation with AitherCO2, supports clients under the EU ETS on their CO2 certificates transactions in order to assure their best price and smooth trading operations on the CO2 market.

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