Who are we?

A group of specialists in various fields that is able to help solve various problems and approach various challenges faced by organizations.

What do we bring?

wefacilitate's mission is to help organisations develop them by mobilizing their own energy and resources so that they achieve their goals and intentions.

What do we do?

We design development processes, train, facilitate workshops, run simulation games, advise on project and change management and sustainability.


We are involved in the process and neutral towards the subject of the team's work. We are also neutral towards methods and methodologies, which we treat as different tool boxes, to be used depending on the needs. We work equally comfortably in an agile and traditional environment, we combine approaches where it is useful to best meet the client's needs.



Our approach is process oriented. We focus on the process side of the team’s work, in view of uncovering and integrating the knowledge hidden in participants’ minds. We combine various kinds of interventions – workshops, trainings, team coaching, consulting – into comprehensive development processes.

Model development process

A development process can be composed of a variety of activities. It is usually worthwhile to start with the definition of business needs and intentions and finish with conclusions and learnings, as shown on a process map below. 


The team brings together a variety of talents.


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