Workshop facilitation

Our services include:

  1. Design and facilitation of meetings and workshops 
  2. Group facilitation trainings

We work methodically. There is nothing random – or not much – in our work, and if there is, it is a useful measure of flexibility, adaptability and improvisation, which lets us meet the client needs and the group dynamics. But we believe that, just like with excellent jazz, great improvisation happens within a structure.

At all stages of a facilitated process we use methods and techniques that offer maximum transparency to the client and the group. Above all, any facilitated event will be well prepared. We will meet and (or) talk with the client to find out about the theme of the event, the stakeholders and the participants, the objectives, expected results and deliverables and the time frame for both the event and the desired impact. The preparation may go through meetings with the client, individual conversations or a pre-workshop with the stakeholders and participants. A phone or on-line conversation is possible too, though talking face-to-face is preferable.

For the workshop or a meeting we will select a set of activities, formats and methods that best meet the client’s needs. Much depends on the size of the group. Our primary methods are: the Focused Conversation, which allows the group to come to a shared awareness around an issue, and the Consensus Workshop, which lets the group achieve a shared agreement around a well defined focus question.

We will reach for other methods when needed, when the size of group requires that or when the topic calls for a looser structure and for a self-organising process. Open Space format is best for these.

We also train in group facilitation methods. A basic training gives the knowledge of the role and stance of a facilitator, workshop meeting design and preparation,  group dynamics, techniques for working with ideas. The We are specialist in ICA ToP Group Facilitation Methods, comprising the Focused Conversation and the Consensus Workshop. Both the basic training and the ToP Group Facilitation Methods are offered during two days as a standard but we are able to offer these trainings in configurations best suited to teh client’s needs, including shortened versions of 1 day and extended versions of 4 days. For the public trainings please take a look at the calendar on the home page.