We facilitated a workshop for a Polish defence company, and specifically for a team of a administrators assisting the Management Board. The workshop of 1,5 day had the double purpose of identifying the strengths and weaknesses of that team, find the ways to capitalise on the strengths and remedy the weaknesses, and also to improve the relationships between the team members. The event combined a selected set of team-building games and a series of consensus workshops. The immediate results were visible at the workshop with very positive team dynamics appearing there and the follow-up revealed an upheld impact on the team, with several activities planned during the workshop being implemented.

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We also facilitated a workshop for Agile Warsaw Community, which is an interest group of software development professionals. The workshop was organised around the focus question “What bothers Product  Owners?”. It was preceded by a complete preparation cycle with the client, where the theme was defined, the stakeholders and the participants were identified, the objective was laid down and the time frame was set. The objective was to discover the problems, issues and obstacles the Product Owners face in their work between the business side and development teams. The result of that workshop a structured set of issues that gave the participants a picture of what might improvement in the Agile environment.

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