We are a team of group facilitators, process consultants and facilitation trainers.

You will find here a host of information about what we do in the fascination field of group facilitation, organisational change and development. We prepare and facilitate meetings in many context, with business organisations as well as professional and territorial communities. We are experts at group facilitation methods, group dynamics, communication and engagement.

As process consultants, we do not advise any specific decision or solution, which makes us different from traditional consultants. Rather, we design and facilitate complete change processes, composed of meetings and workshops, through which  the resources available in the team, an organisation or a community are mobilised, integrated, and oriented to their common objectives.

Bringing in a facilitator – one of us – you can be sure that your meetings will be well prepared, with clear objectives and results, a sound agenda that will be followed, and the presence of only those who should be present. At a deeper level, facilitated meetings and workshop are highly integrative for teams and across organisational divisions and level. This results from all participants noticing their own contributions and those of others. All decisions and solutions are produced by everyone participating. Authorship and ownership are at heart of facilitation.

This website presents our service offer, specific applications of facilitation in which we specialise, and experiences of group facilitation. We are open to discuss any needs a client may have. Some events can be facilitated by a single facilitator. For others a team of two or more will be more appropriate. And then, we facilitate.